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At Flats at the Oval, we provide our tenants with a very simple leasing program – each tenant is accountable for their own lease. This eliminates the need for you and your roommates to designate a single signer to assume leasing responsibility for the entire group. Should one of your roommates decide to leave Flats at the Oval prior to the fulfillment of their lease, they alone would be liable for any penalties.
What happens if my roommate leaves part way through his/her lease?

If your roommate decides to leave part way through his/her lease, they are still responsible for the remainder of their lease, but it will have no financial impact on you. The person who leaves is responsible for paying their rent for the remainder of the lease or for paying a releasing fee and finding a replacement. We can assist in finding a replacement through roommate matching, but we can never guarantee that we can find a replacement; it’s always the responsibility of the resident who is leaving.
Will I ever end up living with somebody I don't know?
If you don’t already have roommates that you want to live with, then you can be matched with a roommate using our roommate matching system. It’s a great way to be matched with someone with whom you share similar interests and lifestyles. Download our Roommate Matching form here
I want to live at Flats at the Oval, but I don't have any friends to move in with me. Are there open bedrooms?
Even if you don’t know someone, we can match you with potential roommates. You will be able to browse through all our available floor plans and decide which one is best for you.
What am I responsible for should I decide to move out of Flats at the Oval before my lease is up?
You would be responsible for paying your rent for the remainder of the lease or for paying a releasing fee and finding a replacement. We can assist in finding a replacement through roommate matching, but we can never guarantee that we can find a replacement. Any paid deposits, minus damages, are returned at the end of the lease contract.
Can I rent an entire unit myself?
Yes, the way you can rent an entire unit is by paying by-the-bed and signing a lease for each bedroom; taking full responsibility for the entire unit. If you decide you want roommates at a later date, you can release the rooms out to the roommates you find. The roommates you find will need to sign a lease with our leasing office.
How many people can share a room?

Per the City of Fort Collins regulations, only one resident per bedroom is allowed in our 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom units.
What are the rental rates?

Our rental rates change frequently so please call our leasing office to get the latest pricing.
What is included in my rent?

Rent includes water, trash, and sewer. Residents are responsible for gas and electric. Internet and Cable are provided by the landlord, and carry an additional monthly cost, which varies by unit type.
Is parking available?

We offer reserved covered and uncovered parking options. Parking is in addition to the monthly rent. Please call our leasing office for more information.
Are there items that are prohibited on the exterior unit balconies?

Yes. Grills  and bicycles are not allowed on balconies.
What if I have a Maintenance Issue?

Submit a work order through our online portal and our friendly staff will get right on it!
Are there security guards on-site?

Flats at the Oval actually has secure building access. This state-of-the-art system requires each tenant to have a fob to open any exterior door to the building.
Where Can I Download a Copy of the Tenant Handbook?
You can download the Tenant Rules & Regulations Handbook here
Renter’s Insurance is Required in My Lease, How Do I Get This?
You can use the following link or phone number to acquire an instantly approved insurance policy which Assurant will provide to the Landlord within just a few minutes! You also have the option of shopping for a policy your choice. Limits must meet what’s in your lease, and the Landlord and Brinkman Real Estate Management need to be added as additional insureds on your policy. If you follow the link below all of that information will be auto-generated! Proof of renter’s insurance will be required prior to being issued keys to your unit.

Website: www.quoterenters.com
Toll Free: 1-866-720-3213
M-F 8AM-10PM | Saturdays 10AM-5PM EST
More Info: Download PDF

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